Refer a friend

Existing 360 members who refer a friend are eligible for two weeks credited on their next direct debit payment, if their friend joins 360.

Everyone needs a gym buddy.

We know training with a friend keeps us motivated, pushes us further, and is far more enjoyable.

If you are an existing 360 member, and your friend joins as a new 360 member, your next direct debit will be credited (equivalent to 2 weeks free). Terms and conditions apply.

So what are you waiting for? Refer your friends today!

  • Referring a friend is a great way to tell others about 360 membership.

    • Existing 360 members can refer multiple friends, these friends must be new to 360, this means they have never been a 360 direct debit member previously
    • A successful referral is considered to be any referral made by an existing 360 member who successfully joins as a new 360 member and completes a minimum of one direct debit cycle (2 weeks)
    • After the successful completion of one direct debit cycle by the new 360 member, the refferring 360 member will be provided with a credit to their next fortnightly direct debit payment
    • This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer or discount